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can a woman with a complete sci injury able to orgasm during sex?

I'm 23 yearsold female with a T5/T6 complete SCI. Its time i explore a little but I am scared i wont be able to enjoy sex as an abled-body female would, thus making it ackward with my partner. So i want to know can i really enjoy sex and achieve orgasm knowing i have no sensation from my stomache down?

Can I get pregnant if my bf came in his paints and humped me?

Paint were wet and cum but I stop him before he can get the sperm on my paint and both of us were wearing clothes also can sperm go through clothes?

Is it normal for a woman never to have an orgasm?

Im 29 & in a long term relationship & can't orgasm either by myself or with my partner. This is causing considerable pressure on our relationship and on me. I want to improve this but I don't know how. I don't know is this a medical issue or just in my head.

why di my boyfriends cum like cottage chesse

After sex it looks gross I just got checked just seeing.g if we missed

When having anal sex can a man put his penis and his testicles inside the woman anus and would it be painful for the woman.


can precum get you pregnate

i berly went in a bit. she couldnt take it so i pulled out. a couple mins later we tried again i went a little deeper but pulled out quick again. this was her first time

Iam 26 years old and I like to make a relationship with a girl but Ididnot do that yet is that normal

i be very confuse when iam talking with a girl that i like

i didnt have clothes on he did. can i get pregnant from that?

i just need to know if its possible i get pregnant this way

Why do I have trouble "busting a nut" when I'm with a female but not on my own?

When I masturbate, I can ejaculate no problem, but when I have been with girls it has not happened yet. Could it be some mental problem I have or is it that somehow the girl's fault?

can a sperm pass through boxers plus pants? but the zipper of the pants is broken.