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If a guy ejaculates with his jeans on and the girl is just wearing her underwear, is is possible the girl could get pregnant?

I am 18 and I was grinding with my boyfriend with just my undies on and soon I felt that he had ejaculated. I'm afraid that there is a possibility that someone could get pregnant this way. I'm really scared. Should I take a pregnancy test?

My lover says that im really tight when we have sex,but what sex positions make it feel even better??

Its great sex but wanna spice it up more and make it more enjoyable

Can a girl get pregnant from precum or pre ejaculation if you didnt put your penis in the hole?

Just would like an experts opinion

Can a girl get pregnant from precum or pre ejaculation if you didnt put your penis in the hole?

Would just like a definitive answer

If my boyfriend and I were to dry hump in our underwear, would there be any chance of pregnancy?

I wear thong underwear and he wears boxer briefs.

can you get pregnant from pre cume?

Me and my gf were having sex i pulled out before i cumed but 5min later we started doing it again and i pulled out the second time to and we waited 15min to start again can she get pregnant from my pre cume?

Am I pregnant ?!?

Okay , so yesterday , me and my boyfriend had sex for the first time .We did use a condom and he said it didn't break and that every drop of sperm ended up in the condom . Problem is , I'm still freaking out ,how could I be pregnant even if the condom didn't break ? P.s: Shoulf I get the morning after pill? And what are the side effects to them ?


My girlfriend and I were in our underwear and we were dry humping, I ejaculated and went through my boxers and through her underwear, could she be pregnant?

Should I see my doctor if my body is tensing up when I get turned on?

My friend and I have been emotionally involved for about a year now, but we haven't had actually had intercourse yet. At first there were a lot of things taxing the relationship and so it was hard to both get aroused at the same time, but now that things are settled we keep trying to get in the mood but I seem to be getting nervous(which makes no sense because I generally know my body well enough to be able to get off on the worst of them). He tries to get me in the mood and sometimes I feel it emotionally but no matter what he does, physically, i can't get aroused because my body tenses up. More specifically, my mouth tends to get really dry and my stomach starts to turn so the mood gets really uncomfortable really fast. I'm really into this guy and I have been for a long time and I've been dreaming about climbing on top of him for quite some time but I can't get my body ready. We've already tried different lubes and lubricated condoms but i can't seem to get it on because if I can get wet enough to get it started my body clenches up with him inside me and it's really uncomfortable for him to pull out or keep going. Is there something wrong with me?