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hi nicki, is it possible for semen to go through clothes lets say, shorts, under wear and (girl) sweatpants and underwear can get through a

is it possible?

What are the chances of my getting my girlfriend pregnant from pre cum through boxers and penetration?

I never ejactulated and peed before, we started fooling around, and she ha nothing on and I have 60% cotton boxers

How can you increase the amount of semens when you ejaculate? Can you also delay ejaculation till she reaches her 3 times orgasm?

I am married and have a wonderful sex with my partner. But sometimes, I feel she reaches her orgasm faster than me and become not interested in having sex anymore. In other occasions, I ejaculate fast before she reaches her orgasm and I become not interested after. Any advice? Also, How can you increase the amount of semens. Is there any kind of food you can eat?

Is it possible to get pregnant off of precum?

My gf & I were fooling around early in the day & I ejaculated (we did not have sex & I did not stick my penis inside her). Afterwards I believe that I pee'd....maybe twice. But at night we fooled around again (no sex once again) but I had precum on my penis & I wiped it off with my finger. The I fingered her with the finger I wiped off th precum with. Could she be pregnant?

can you get pregnant while you're dry humping

me and my boyfriend want to have sex but I want to take it slowly so we are going to be grinding on each other wt only our underwear on

After being sexually abused, I am fearful of sex and i need help getting over that fear, is there anything I can do?

I would like to go to therapy but i don't have insurance and I don't know if there are free services (probably not) but Im looking for a way to counter act my negative body image and my fear of sex and being touched.

can my girlfriend get pregnant???

me and my girlfriend were on underwear and i was rubbing my penis on her vagina with underwear on.then i ejaculate a little semen on my underwear and i removed myself..can she get pregnant???plz help me???

Hello, I've been with my boyfriend for 2 and a half years now. and we still haven't had sex. we tried a couple of times but it didn't work.

i really want to have sex with him, but i'm just too nerves.

Is there any website that can lead to statistics of disabilities leading to divorces?

Like what i am really trying to find is who is more prone to leave the relationship becuase of a sevear disablity the femal or male.

i am a man newly married during sex my partner getting laugh so it losess my irrection so that i can't perfom properly what i have to do?