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can precum get you pregnant?

i think i might have a bit of precum on my tip when i entered my girlfriend

How come my boyfriend is not sexually active with me?

We have been together for almost a year and he has told me he is not very active and i told him I was. I am patient and I keep giving him clues but nothing. He says it doesn't register to him. For the past three days I have beentrying to get him to do things. The first bight he kept askin what time it was or rubbing his nose etc, and then I stopped ecause I could fell he wasnt enjoying it. He said it was because of work, then yesterday he said he was to tiredand then today he says hr just wants to eat and play his games so I don't know if it's ms or what?

Are any ways to get a smaller penis enlarged and enlenghted?

Need to enlarged and enlenghted my penis. Please advice the possibilities.

pregnant?? boyfriend ejaculated while wearing his underwear and pants..then i putted my hand on the spot of semen (on the pant)..after this i wen to wc for urine and then rubbed my it possible that i am pregnant?

Is it possible for sperm to get through clothes and then make a woman pregnant?

The man ejaculated during dry humping but there're 3 layers of clothes in between. Is it possible for the sperm to actually work through those layers of clothing and get the woman pregnant?

can i get pregnant with clothes on??

i am 15 yrs old girl i had sex with my bf for nearly 1hr we both were wearing clothes i was wearing a cotton salwar and my bf was wearing jeans we only had several lip kisses and he kissed my both breasts several times his downpart came on my down part sometimes i only opened my bra and only exposed my breasts he touched it pressed it and kissed several times but we were wearing clothes i did this before i would get my this month's periods so can i get pregnant we also had thousands lip kisses

Would vaginal touching through panty cause pregnancy?

My girlfriend and I had just made out yesterday, I'm worried that she may get pregnant even though no Penetration occurred, and furthermore, we're dressed waist down. So... I'm not sure if she would be pregnant if I had touched her vagina through her panty, her panty was wet, I'm worried that possible pre-ejaculory fluids may be transferred through her panty. Please help! We aren't married yet, and given financial status, would not be able to afford a baby.

Can you become pregnant through 'dry humping' if jeans and underwear was worn by both involved?

Me and my girlfriend recently took part in 'dry humping' and we began to worry whether it could make us pregnant? We were both wearing jeans and underwear at the time but I did ejaculate. I was just concerned whether the sperm could have gone through the clothing and potentially into fluid that was created by herself and then through the Fallopian tubes? Thanks in advance.

How do I get my boyfriend to become more involved then just plain sex? He doesnt even french kiss

I have been with my boyfriend over 6 months now and he doesn't like to kiss with tongue, going down on me, or doesn't seem to enjoy blowjobs. Once he mentioned he dislikes how tongue feels, and didnt like the smell of going down on girls(he has never done this on me), he said he would never try it too. This has happened throughout the relationship. I dont know how to go about this its all to much at once, everything else including sex is very good but it would be nice to have some more oral instead of just plain sex. Do you think it is too early to ask if he would ever want to be married or if he just wants plain sex all the time? I just dont get it, I can assume he doesnt like my blowjobs and improve on that, but as for the not liking tongue and refusing oral im clueless. In a way I feel like I am too picky about sex.:/

If you touch a wet spot of precum over the jeans, then touch yourself, can you get pregnant?

There was no direct contact of me touching the penis. When i touched the jeans it just felt damp and later i touched myself.