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I am 27 and married from 21/2 years still we dont hav sex as my husband was sufferd from phimosis, i cant control,did it affect mentally??

Hi, i am 27 and married from almost 3 years. my husband had a problem of phimosis.. he had circumsation before 3 months...still he is recovering but as i control my feeling for 2 1/2 years its very difficult for me...and one more thing he has less intimacy. always i have to go first. i got frustrated. did this affect my mental condition?

My boyfriend and I have been together for 7 years, but he watches a lot of porn. Can porn effect a guy's desire to be intimate?

I suspect he has a problem. He often asks for Oral Sex, but has a very difficult time finishing unless he's watching porn while it's happening. I worry that he might stray elsewhere eventually. I'm not sure how to talk to him about it.

If I sticked my penis in my girlfriend for a few seconds , will she be pregnant?

Well , me and my girlfriend was having some fun , and we were very horny , so we thought of me sticking my penis inside her. After I sticked it in , I tooked it out becuase my witts reminded me that I was gonna get her pregnant , But now my question is , Is she pregnant? If you can answer this ASAP , I would be very thankful!

Can you get pregnant from precum?

I just had my 4th child and had intercourse 5 weeks later we had no condom on for about 30 seconds then decided it would be best if we used a condom so we did. I was so nervous about not having a condom on for that 30 seconds so 2 weeks later i took a pregnany test and it was negative. Well my baby is now 9 weeks old and i haven't started my period yet. What are the odds of me being pregnant from that situation?

What can I do to improve desire & elasticity.

I am post menopausal and intercourse is extremely painful. I've tried homones (Vagifem) and lubricants. My husband is extremely well endowed and I feel as if I'm tearing when we have sex. Somestimes I bleed.

Can you get pregnant from dry humping?

My bf came he told me he didn't came on me... but I was wet i don't know if it was him or me but if it was him can I get pregnant? I mean I was wearing shorts. And I change my clothes right after..plz help me!

can you get pregnet off precum

I had unprotected sex but he said he nos how to control his sperm but my friend said he might of stil precumed?

i finished my period 3 days ago. can i get pregnant if i had unprotected sex?

My boyfriend finished inside of me...

can you get pregnant from precum?

Me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex

can u get prego from pree cum?

im scerad im prego... cuz i just had sex with a guy.... like 3 mins ago... but he did pull out in time