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Can I get pregnant I'f I had unprotected sex and I had a baby 4 months ago he pre gummed

I'm worried I really want to know and we had sex for like 10min

is my girlfriend pregnant ?

i put my penis down near her vagina and i had precum and around 6 days later she had spotting and now its been 2 1/5 weeks and she is having to pee more often is she pregnant ?

My boyfriend, 22 seems to have a very low libido and I on the other hand don't, it's causing troubles, any ideas?

Hello! I am concerned about my boyfriend and our sexual relationship. We've only been together over a year and are in our early 20's. Since the start I've always felt like I was more sexual then him and at this point it's become quite a frustration, I would like to be having sex at least 2-3 times a week, or at last mutually masturbating or something similar, but this doesn't seem realistic to him and so we have sex roughly once a week or two. We try to talk about it and I feel like I have tried many different things to excite him and am always the one initiating. I feel like I'm obsessing over it and I think about it constantly, and am just not sure what to do. I do have confidence issues and I'd say he does as well. I worry that this is going to be it for our sexual relationship and as time goes on we'll do it less and less and it really makes me worry about if I can settle for that. I don't mean to sound shallow, I'm sure you understand that sex is important to a relationship. Can you suggest anything I can do, is it worth seeing a sex therapist? He isn't on any type of medication, but is taking a herbal remedy called "Goto-Kola" to help with energy and focus, we had hoped it would help with his sex drive. He does seem to have trouble sleeping, moodiness and is a very emotional young man. I am on a hormonal IUD. Thank you, Jessie

is my girlfriend pregnant ?

i put my penis down near her vagina and i had precum and around 6 days later she had spotting and now its been 2 1/5 weeks and she is having to pee more often is she pregnant ?

Can I get pregnant by pre cum?

My boyfriend and I had sex 3 or 4 times and I looked down and I said what is that he said it is pre cum and I said ok so I want to know can I get pregnant .

when a man gives anal sex a woman seems to disapprove, nut whrn a woman uses the penis to give herself ank sex why is that to her approval ?

I give my girl a great oral (toungue) licking. from boobs to anus and she prefers when she sticks the penis in her anus rather than me. I like being the one sometimes nut she prefers her donig it.

Is it normal for sex to hurt?

I'm still young, and I've only been with one guy. We are both each others "firsts" however, I'm going to say we've had sex under 20 times, and it hurts every time. Sometimes its a little painful, sometimes a lot, but it's not really pleasurable. Is this normal?

Can a girl get pregnant from dryhumping with clothes on after ejaculating?

Me and my girlfriend started after i reached to adjust myself over my underwear after having an erection. I preceded to finger her and have oral sex with her, with her completely nude. I performed acts on her but she didn't perform any on me. She did not touch my penis at all during the whole time. We then preceded to kiss in which she took off my shorts and my underwear was just on. my penis touched around her vagina area but she had on shorts and panties that she put back on. However i felt sticky, but i had not ejaculated. I then put back on my shorts, and we started to dryhump, in which led me to ejaculate in my shorts. I had thick underwear and basketball shorts, and the outside of the shorts did not appear to be wet from the ejaculation. She then got on my lap and rubbed her vagina all over my penis area (keeping in mind that we both had on clothes with the ejaculation under my shorts). We then stopped afterwards, and i hugged and kissed her goodbye. However, i tried not to touch the area where i ejaculated, even though it wasn't wet. I can't exactly remember, but i think i may have washed my hands, but i still touched on her arms and clothes and stuff after touching around the spot on the outside of my shorts. Through all of this do you think i could have gotten her pregnant? she had gotten off her period for a couple of days before we did it.She puked the next day after this day of activity, in which we think could have been because she ate a large amount of chocolate late at night. Today is the fifth day, and she has had cramps in her lower stomach. She also had mood swings and had to pee frequently today. These are symptoms that can be found weeks into pregnancy but we are still worried. You can put our minds at ease and inform us please? We greatly need to know. It is worrying us.

Can u get pregnant from precum

My gf was touching my penis and she got some precum and less then a min she touches herself is she pregnant ?