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dry humping

My girl and I were dry humping, I had on my boxers and jean, while she had on her undies, I ejaculated while she waz on top of me, she told me she waz wet, and I saw semen on my jean coming from my boxers, don't know if it got into her, can she get pregnant?

can you get pregnant with pre sperm?

i wanna know if you could get pregnant

Can sperm traveled through clothing?

After me and my boyfriend had oral he ejaculated. After a couple minutes later, i sat on top of him as he was laying down and we were kissing. Is there anyway I can get pregnant because he only had his underwear on and I had shorts and underwear on?

How do I shake the need for intimacy? How do I avoid destroying my marriage?

I'm apparently, am a very selfish bastard. I want to experience intimacy with my wife of 47 years - on a regular basis. She, on the other hand, is just not interested (she shows it in every possible body-language way, but will not admit to the facts). This has gone on, and gotten worse for the last 35 years (ever since our daughter -first and only child- was born). Sex was fun and often before that; in fact, it really was an exciting, spontaneous, shared adventure between us for the first ten years of our marriage. I can hear you saying "How does this body-language manifest itself?". Well, primarily exists as: 1) I have to insist (almost an argument) to get her to go take a shower and come to bed for sex (want her either naked or wearing sexy lingerie - her preference). Disrobing her from full dress is not tolerated. 2) After 15-years of insistence that once a week is the absolute minimum frequency I’m willing tolerate, she usually (3 out of 4 weeks) can be counted on to shows - but just barely - exhibiting no enthusiasm whatsoever. She seems to be willing to allow me to use her body once a week to placate me. 3) She allows ZERO variation in her approved routine which is a) for us to meet in bedroom after showers, b) kiss and fondle ‘till she perceives that I am sporting something of an erection, c) she lays on bed, while I stand nearby, whereupon she perform unenthusiastic fellatio for a minute, or two, (until she thinks I’m hard enough for coitis). 4) As the fellatio ensues, I am allowed to use my flat hand to massage here genitals. Occasionally am I even allowed to insert a single finger (her vagina is delicate and she has occasionally experienced pain) if, and only if, she’s in the mood and I ‘ve taken special care to manicure and soak fingers so there are not roughs spots (I find this totally fair and have no complaints with that). Never, and I mean NEVER EVER, will she allow me to employ cunnilingus, toys or variations of any kind. 4) Due to her dryness, and potential vaginal atrophy, she will liberally coat my penis with lubricant and rollover onto her back assuming missionary position (nothing else is even considered, though I’ve often requested it). 5) I mount and carefully insert my penis, usually with her hand guiding me (she is afraid I will touch her anus which would stop all activity until I had washed my penis.) This is the routing she requires, time and again for the last 10-12 years -- there is never any variation, whatsoever (except occasionally in the lingerie – never anything really sexy, though). NOTE: One more very BIG fly in this ointment is that I’ve suffered from ED, (take 20 mg Levitra one-hour before beginning all of this) last 8 years. This, of course, would kill any spontaneity – if that were possible (which it is not) - and it increases the time factor away from what ever else we have to do at the moment (not sue if she resents this, or not). CLEARLY, this issue did not start with the ED, though that has greatly exacerbated the situation - both with the inconvenience and making my psychology surrounding this so much more delicate. My problems here, coupled with the, afore-mentioned disinterest, coupled with her vaginal sensitivity (occasionally penetration results in pain or even tearing and a little blood) creates a very real problem in my attaining and/or maintaining an erection throughout intercourse. That is why she fellates me until she perceives I’m hard enough – to prevent her discomfort (and you thought it was for her, or my pleasure, – FAT CHANCE on anything like that). So, I’m stuck with trying to give and receive as much sexual intimacy and pleasure as I’m capable of (and that not very much anymore) on my own with a reluctant, disinterested partner who just wants to be over. SIDE ISSUE: Quite often, when she decides I am hared enough for coitis, I’m really not excited enough yet to hang in there properly. Thus, she gets her orgasm long before I get close to mine; but as soon as that has happened, I am to get off – she is done (to be fair, she finds it to be quite uncomfortable with me on top of her – I am 15% overweight while she is small, petite and a bit delicate. I do hold my weight off of her, except at the hips, but she invariably says her hips are cramping at that point. Thus, I not wanting her to be in discomfort (hey if it s not fun for her, it’s no fun for me either), remove my penis and get off of her. This outcome is now becoming fairly common; say 3 out of 5 times. Now, lets give credit where credit is due; when this happens she does offer to give me a hand-job (but only after she has spent a few minutes in the bathroom cleaning up from coitis) – never a blow job (which would be much preferable to me). By the time all of this has gone down, so have I; so, for this hand job I am starting over nearly from scratch and with a bad attitude, but I need the relief so I cooperate as best I can by running all kinds of fantasias through my head . Lately (last two years) I’m only to reach orgasm under these conditions about half the time (not as good an imagination in my old age – I guess). Oh, did I tell you that she is also a “germaphobe”. If, at any time (in our foreplay or activity) my penis comes into contact with her genitals or anal areas, we have to stop until I have sanitized my penis. So any thought of her fellating me after coitis (or even spontaneously, such as waking me from sleep before I’ve been sanitized) is TOTALLY OUT OF THE QUESTION. The bed sheets must have just been changed, must have bathed (shower not tub), my hands carefully scrubbed and manicured, mouth carefully brushed and gargled with germ killing mouthwash, etc. to even begin the boring, set routine. Oh yes, the bathroom I use must have been carefully sanitized, too. She caries Lysol wipes everywhere to sanitize every surface before does anything it – I do not mind this, in fact I think it may be protective of me as well, but I believe this has no place in our bedroom. I do suspect this, or at least the basic phobic attitude, may have something to do with the strict routine upon which she insists. With her strict Southern Baptist upbringing, she clearly finds sex to be “dirty” but if that is a CORE issue, then why did in not show up in the first ten years of our marriage? BTW: She finds men’s sexual urges to be pathetic – she utterly disrespects men (especially me) for this natural attribute of maleness. ------------------------------ OK. That is the story (missing a lot of details) and I’ve grown increasingly aggravated over it. I am now angry, all the time, and cannot hide that fact. She feels it in my silence, when I speak (often in criticisms of her driving, nasty comments about others – especially politicians of late, etc.), in my body language (up tight, often tight muscles, clenched fists, grinding teeth, sneers, etc.) I even approach our Saturday mornings together in anger. My mind races in unspoken argument with her, spewing un spoken complaints about the boring routine we are about to experience, etc. I dare not speak my thoughts as this would clearly doom the possibility of any get together. I come to our bed in anger, I perform sex in anger, and if not simultaneous orgasm, I accept my hand job in anger. I’m sure this is not making me very attractive to her as a sex partner, but I can’t help it. When I was not this far gone, and did romance her on a regular basis, I still got the same treatment – no interest in sex with me - so why would a great attitude now make any difference? I have begged her, even insisted (several times over the past two years) to go to a sex counselor to her, and me, see the error of our ways. I want us to see the errors, repent of them and change. But when pressed she always says “only Christian counselors” and she wants to pick the one – NOT ME. “OK”, I say but she never makes an appointment – she’s had at least 12 months to find one a get it done. I now find myself “acting out” on my needs. By that I mean I am beginning to flirt with women, and entertain the idea of getting together with them in my mind. I’ve even gone so far as responding to Craigslist ads, contacting women looking for men. I’ve never followed through on any of this, but clearly recognize such behavior, such thoughts, to be extremely dangerous to our 47-year marriage. I what that to stop, no actually STOP!!!, but it will not unless and until this problem with my wife’s refusing intimacy with me is resolved. As I said, I know I am being selfish in wanting intimacy with my wife, but I am being driven by this and cannot shake it. OK. Any, and all, advice - no matter how screwy -is welcomed here. I am at my wits end and just about ready to jump into the pool with any skirt that passes by. Our totally monogamous (as far as I know) marriage of almost 50 years is at stake. Thank you, LoosingIt

Gay sex

I m 23 yr old gay. I had sex with my friend in my early age of 16-17 thereafter i didnt have sex with anyone. I want a true single partner to live with and i m finding it very difficult. I feel sick sometimes abt me being gay. Please suggest what shall i do?

Does precum make you get pregnant?


I don't have a sexual desire for my fiancé any more

I have been with my fiancé for a year and a half. But over the past few months our sex life has decreased alot. And it's just me. He's horny all the time and always try's to turn me on but it never works. I don't like to cuddle any more or even really kiss him much. He's starting to get a little angry with me, I can tell. The tension in the house has gotten thick. We bicker back and fourth alot and I think it's because the lack of sex. We haven't had sex in 2.5 months. I has a baby last April and lost him, and am currently in college. Could it be caused by stress? Or am I just not sexually attracted to him anymore. I need help. My brain is just rattled and all I want to do is cry. I thought he was my soul mate but lately its been a little confused. Help please.

Can I get pregnant if I had sex with clothes on?

My boyfriend had his boxers on and so do I my panties. My boyfriend eyaculated once inside his boxers and cleaned himself out with paper but also perhaps a bit with his hands. After a while we did it again without penetration but rubbing each other with our clothes (underwear) on (I´m worried also because during the second time he was already wet). He also touched my vagina quickly with his hand (with the one he cleaned himself). Sorry for adding maybe unnecessary details. Beforehand thank you very much. P.D. I need an answer A.S.A.P because also this happened yesterday and I want to know if I should take the next day pill or not (I´m also worried about this because I´ve heard it has bad side effects). I must add that I´m in my fertile days!

Can you get pregnant from dry humping?

Me and my boyfriend where dry humping with out cloths on and when I went to the bathroom my underwear was a little wet and I am scared that I might get pregnant please help I'm scared !

what is the good and bad of a man having sex with a woman that has herpes?

A woman I met on a dating/marriage website said she has herpes. I could be married to her because everyone needs love,mercy and forgiveness.