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can sperm pass though underwear, basketball shorts?

like for example my boyfriend and i started kissing and he was wearing basketball shorts and underwear and I was wearing underwear and shorts and he pre-cummed, can sperm pass through clothing?

im 21 year wen im doing sex im geting lots of pain and evn im not able to satisfy my patner also and after that why im getting itching in my


Can my girlfriend get pregnant through dry humping with clothing on?

My girlfriend and I have been going strong for some time, and she likes to dry hump me, fully clothed. It really pleases her. But there are times that she just stops because "she doesn't want to get pregnant". Should we worry about this?

can a girl get pregnant from precum?

I had sex and I pulled out but might have precum, what are the chances she culd get pregnant?

Can you get pregnant from pre-cum

Just scared bc me nd my bf went without a condom for a couple minutes but he didnt cum in me just questioning

Can my girlfriend get pregnant by her wearing underwear and me not entering her?

So my girlfriend and I were messing around and she is on you of me massaging my dick with her vagina but she is wearing underwear and I'm not. But I do precum. Is it possible for her to get pregnant even though she had underwear on and I never entered her vagina?

Me and my giflriend had sex last night and our condom was broken at the end of it, is she pregnant?

Ive read up on masturbation and over masturbation and ovulation cycles and for the amount I masturbate it seems i am quite likely to be "shooting blanks", sometimes i cum twice a day, does this effect it?

Can you get someone pregnant dry humping with clothes on?

There was dry humping, but no skin touched, no insertion, or exchange of fluids. There was wetness on our shorts, but they were not soaked. Ejaculation occurred, but soley in the shorts.

my girlfriend thinks i dont love her or im playing games fpr nine months because my penis gets hard at first but a few min later it goes sof

theres always a fight after i love her is there somthing wrong wit me

Am I wrong to want my newly sexually active girlfriend to have more sex drive and see sex as an important aspect of our relationship?

When my girlfriend, 20 years old, and I, 22 years old, started dated she was a virgin and I was not, however, I believed we had the same views about sex in a relationship. We believe that a relationship cannot be built on sex; it must be built on deep emotional and personal connections. We have I been together for over a year now and have built an amazing relationship and connection, I love her more than anything in the world. I would have waited forever for her to be ready to have sex however we started having sex about six months after we started dating. The sexual experience from the first time to the most recent occurrence has been unbelievable amazing. I anticipated, once we started having sex, she would form a solid sex drive however, that has not been the case. She has shown very little to no sex drive, we have had sex it seems to be more of an act to please me then for her own personal enjoyment. This is a turn off to me because I categorize myself as a giving lover, my real sexual enjoyment stems from the pleasure of my partner. She seems to enjoy herself during intercourse and experiences an orgasm, most of the time, however she still demonstrates no desire to have sex unless I try to. Also, she stresses that we experience orgasm at the same time or only me, showing no real interest in her own sexual satisfaction. However, my interest in all in her sexual satisfaction, I have to almost beg her to allow me to perform oral sex on her. We have sex on average about once every 2 to 3 weeks but have gone longer without any sexual activity and sex won’t even across her mind. She claims that she focuses on the aspect of the relationship that really matter. Personally, I believe as a young couple we should be far more sexually activities, at least once a week, also that sex can truly strengthen the connection two people have. I understand she has never been in a sexual relationship before but I don’t know what to do if she doesn’t believe sex is an important to a sexually active relationship. I fear discussing this with her because I do not want her to think all I want it sex and that she is not giving me enough of what I need. Am I wrong or asking for too much? Could I be doing something wrong or not stimulating her enough? Please Help!