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Am I still a Virgin if he put his penis inside me but didn't break the virginity?

We didnt plan to have sex it was kinda just in the moment, anyway he didn't use protection and it didnt go in far enough to break the virginity but still went in? So am i a vigin or not?

Could I get pregnant if the tip of his Penis goes in without protection and pre cums?

Basically me and my boyfriend was having sex, he didn't put it al the way in, but he didn't use protection and pre-cumed inside me.

Can you get pregnant from dry humping?

Me and my boyfriend were fooling around one day but we had our clothes on the entire time. All we did was make out and he got on top of me and basically pressed himself onto me. We've done this a few times before and he says he hasn't ejaculated but when we are done I'm the one who is a little wet. I'm very scared that something mightve happened even though my period is only two days late. Please tell me!! Is it possible to become pregnant from this??

I've got low appetite for sex nowadays

I used to enjoy sex with my man alot but for sometime now even if we are romancing I find it hard to feel him nor even come even if I love to

Can precum get me pregnant?

I've been with my boyfriend for a year now and I'm scared about sex. The day after our year together he came over and he asked if he could rub against me without clothes on. He cummed before about 30minutes. And so we were rubbing against eachother for about 2-3 minutes and he backed away really fast because he didn't want to cum there. He did not go inside me at all. But I am still scared about the precum.

can someone get pregnant by pre-cum?

I .am wondering

can a woman become wet, slippery inside without having some form of sex?

She indicated that she probably could not reach orgasm but wanted to go ahead anyway. Upon entrance I found her very wet/slippery. is this an indication that she had sex with someone else prior to me?

Should i ask my girlfriend to return the favor?

I have been giving a lot to my partner (sexual favours) of 8 months now (whom i love very much); she tells me that she really enjoys it, however it has been a long time since she has returned the favour, it isn’t that I ask, because I don’t... I don’t want to seem selfish but it would be nice to have the favour returned... Not often just sometimes... she has a shy character and we have experimented quite a bit in the bedroom so i know she isn't too shy (if you know what i mean) but not recently... I just wanted to know if I should stop, even though she enjoys it and consult her, or could it be an external factor women may feel that can effect their sex drive (stress etc). I was just looking for a professional opinion?

How can my HIV + partner transmit his disease to me....

I just found out my partner has HIV. He says he is good of heath, but I can't help but be afraid.. If we have sex what are precaution we should take so I don't get infected and is there a high chance I will become HIV +. And what are other ways he can possibly transmit it to me... I so scared and confused please shed some light on this disease...

How can i excite my man more ?

I m have very low knowledge about sex terms. So pls explain in simple terms.