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Why when im having sex with my girlfriend her vagina rejects my penis and just push it out ?

It happen to me just like three times, I was having sex with my girlfriend and after ten minutes or so, she was really we,t but somehow she started to push my penis out untill i couldnt have an erection no more. And the second one is: I just started dating her but sometimes when we are having sex everything down is good untill at some point i just get really flacid and cannot get a hard on any more... this is the first time that happens to me.

my piens dot dot


what is lupus

I am in love with her and need to know more about it.

Can sperms travel through clothes


why dont i get 'wet' when turned on

even though i am really turned on by my boyfriend, and we have an extreamly good sex life.... i never get wet at all..... i am 38! and only ever had an orgasm once in my entire life....even tho i enjoy sex totally....... I am on 50mg of setraline anti depressants.... could this affect wetness??? an do all women get wet when arroused??? many many thanks caz

second clitoris?

My girlfriend has a very sensitive protuverance at the entrance of the anus, which lead her to very intense orgasms, we wonder if this could be a second clitoris?. We are very curious about it, We can send a photo, if it necesary to address this matter properly

Why doesn't my wife want to spice things up in the bedroom?

When my wife and I first started dating, we would make love every time we would see each other. Like every realtionship, the frequency of the intimate sessions has gone down tremendously. Now it seem's like she is only in the mood a couple times a month. For a couple of years we did things to spice things up like using an adult toy, and we both loved it. I always wanted to make sure that my wife walked away from an intimate moment pleased. But for the last couple of years, she has not been willing to use an adult toy. That, accompanied with the less sex, has made me more sensitive, and not being able to please my wife. I can not hold back from having an orgasm for more than two minutes. At least when we used the adult toy, my wife would leave happy, and which in turn would make me happy. Without making my wife satisfied, it makes me feel less of a man, and I get depressed for a little while as a result.

Why do I lack the motivation to be intimate with my partner? And when I am, why is it unsettling?

I had been dating this guy a while back who seemed comfortable, maybe to comfortable, with his sexual health. It was very different to my own, so I started to question my sexual health. I didn't want to be intimate as often as he did, and when we were I would feel reluctant to. I was definitely attracted to him; about twice a month I would feel an unquenchable desire for him, and he was always beautiful to me. When he tried to introduce me to porn, I watched and enjoyed it. But after I lost the turned on feeling, I felt disgusted with myself. How can I address and let go of the reluctance and disgust sexually with future partners?

is it possible that i may get pregnant by dry humping, not for long though but still if our clothes got damp

we had our clothes on i mean jeans and we just rubbed each other for very few time but no sex no penetration

Can you get pregnant with clothes on

Sex with clothes on