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me and my bf hd dry sex. he hd his underwears on bt i ws naked.. i felt dt his underwear hs gone nly a little wet so i stopped him.

do i hve any chamces of getting pregnant? even i am 5 days late from my periods date. please help me.

how do i experiance orgasims durring intercourse without pain?

i have them with vibrators and fingers but when the penis is in with condoms i do not have a good feel it hurts alot! yes it has durring my first marrage and now with second sexual partner been the same. i need some help. clitoral experiance always hurts but the guys say its supose to let go past and climax i cant get passed the hurt. is it a mind set?

Can precum get you pregnant??

I had unprotected sex with my girlfriend a couple of weeks ago and I didn't cum. She was also on the first day of her period.

my wife,told me i do do it 4 her any more,,,,that justed killed me!

im 50,,she 37,,married 3 years, been 2gether 6years,,,

delayed periods

Im 24. Living in India. im unmarried. i had my last periods on 10 th sep 2012 to 14 th sep 2012. I had undergone fingering by my bf on 15 th sep 2012. Rarely i had irregular periods but i didnt afraid but now i have a missed period. i have my engagement in january with another guy. I want to get my periods. Pls send me some home remedies to make it regular. Is there a chance for pregnancy? If so how can i abort it using the home remedies?

Does precum always contain sperm?

I had unprotected sex with my gf 3 days before her period, i did not ejaculate tho, but i herd about precum but i also didnt ejaculate at all the past 2 days befor, so im worried bc she still hasnt hit her period 4 days later could she be pregnant?

i have been married for 8 yers.we have always been fighting.he tries to avoid me.its getting worse.whaat to do?

its getting worse.he always defends his relatives and beats me.we have two children.He started to smoke of late and always tells it better to divorse

my husband is not interested in having sex with me , we do oral sex and foreplay but never got ended in sexual intercourse.

I told my husband 3-4 times to have sex but he gave me flying answers like we will have sex one day,wht if u ll get pregnant ? Etc . It's almost and half year of my marriage.& one more thing I would like to share is he was having girlfriend before we got married and kept continue same thing after mrg also.

my boyfriend has lost his desire for sex and he is only 18!we love eachother very much?what is happening?

we have very strong feelings for eachother and we are together almost for 3 years!we have already talked about it but he has no idea why is this happening!could you please tell me what's wrong?

my sperm comes out on underwear and my wet underwear touches the women vagina two times, so can she pregnant?

want to know about the pregnancy of women