STD Testing Lab Visit Questions

STD Testing Lab Guide

Stress-free STD testing: that's our promise to you. We've put together this simple guide so you'll know exactly what to expect when you visit the lab for your tests.

  • Print your lab order to bring with you to the lab. Or we can fax it to the lab for you.

  • Visit the lab you selected at your convenience. No appointment needed.

  • Sign in at the reception desk and confirm your information. Don't show your insurance card.

  • Give a blood and/or urine sample depending on the tests you ordered.

When should I go?

  • It’s a good idea to visit the lab in the afternoon to avoid long waiting times.
  • Arrive at the lab at least 30 minutes before closing time.

Can I go to any lab?

Yes, you may visit another location if it’s more convenient than the one you previously selected. Simply let us know so we can fax your Test Order Form to the location where you actually get tested.

Note: If you need to get tested with a different lab, please call (855) 739-4325 to have one of our trained Care Advisors assist you.

What should I bring?

  1. Your Test Order Form (we can fax it to the lab, or you can print it). If you bring your own hardcopy to the lab, your service may be faster.
  2. Our phone number: (855) 739-4325
  3. Please make sure that the identifying information (name and birthdate) that you provide at the lab is the same information that you provided us at registration. Mismatched information may result in delays.

Note: Fasting is not required prior to your lab visit.

The front desk is asking me why I’m here. What do I tell them?

  • They ask this because many labs have two different sign-in sheets, and two different processes; one is for drug screenings, and the other is for “everything else.” Simply notify the receptionist that you are there for diagnostic testing.

The lab technician can’t find me in their system, and they don’t have any faxes from you. What do I do?

  • If you’re visiting a Quest location, provide them with your Patient ID (ex: APG1234567).
  • If you experience difficulty with this request, please call us immediately at (855) 739-4325.

How long does it take to get tested, and how will I be tested?

  • Submitting your blood and/or urine sample should only take about 15 minutes.
  • Blood draws: it is the labs’ policy to perform blood draws with the door open... this is common practice, so please don't be concerned.
  • Urine samples: urine may be collected in a plastic cup or in an untreated paper cup provided by the lab. Lab technicians then transfer your sample into special transport vials used for those particular tests.

I live in NY, NJ, or RI. What are my payment options for the lab fee?

  • Most labs accept major credit or debit cards, or exact change.
  • Remember not to show or use your insurance card to pay your lab fee.
  • If the lab wants to charge a different amount than you were told you would be paying, direct their attention to the bottom of the test requisition where the negotiated rate is listed. If they still say they need a different amount, please call us or have the lab technician call us.

I’m still concerned about my confidentiality. How can I keep my visit private?

  • The labs we work with test patients for a varied number of conditions outside of STDs. When in the waiting room, remember that other patients will not know what you are specifically there for, as many patients visit testing centers for cholesterol and other routine screenings.
  • Never show your insurance card or your ID while at the lab. Your Test Order Form explicitly states that you are not required to show identification.
  • Do not fill out any additional paperwork at the lab... it’s not required. If you are asked to do so, please feel free to call us.
  • If you feel your privacy is compromised in any way, please get in touch with us at (855) 739-4325.