Anonymous on September 9, 2011

Is it normal for my penis to bend to one side?

My penis is bent toward the left side, which looks odd. I also think my left testes is smaller than the right one. And sometimes after intercourse I feel a little bit of pain in my testes. Why is this? Is there a cure for a bent penis?

answered by David Sobel, MD, JD on September 9, 2011

I can understand your concern, but let me assure you right away that it’s quite common for the penis to bend to the right or left.

So unless you have pain or other problems with your penis, there is nothing to “cure.” Again, many men have a slight curve to the penis, which typically doesn’t interfere with sexual performance. However, if the curvature is severe enough to interfere with sex, a specialist can help you…there are various treatment options available.

The same is true for testicle size…

It’s not unusual for one testicle to be bigger or smaller than the other. If you look closely, there are many uneven parts of our bodies (for example, most people have one foot or hand that’s larger than the other, or slight variations in the lengths of their arms and legs). You’re wise to be observant of your body, but it’s likely that what you’re noticing is quite normal.

Regarding the pain in your testes after intercourse…it’s possible to have some discomfort after orgasm. To be on the safe side, however, and to ensure that there isn’t some other issue that needs to be addressed, I would encourage you to see your doctor for a full examination.

Thanks for sharing your questions, and I wish you good health.

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