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Is a cure for herpes in the works?

Are researchers looking for a cure for herpes? If so, how long will people living with herpes need to wait before we see a cure? Do researchers need funds?

answered by Terri Warren, MS, RN, ANP on September 14, 2011

Thanks for your thoughtful question.

Yes, researchers are looking for a cure for herpes...however, I don't see any cures on the horizon just yet.

For now, the best options we have are very good antiviral medicines that help manage the frequency and duration of herpes outbreaks, and reduce the risk of someone infected by a herpes virus to pass the infection to a sexual partner. You can learn more about herpes prevention and treatment in our Expert Guide to Herpes 1 + 2.

That said, there’s reason for hope.

Things are happening in the field of herpes research. There are ongoing and planned studies of vaccines to help reduce the frequency of herpes outbreaks and viral shedding, and also vaccines to try to prevent people from becoming infected with herpes.

As for funding...of course, researchers could always use more money to do more research. As things stand, funding is often prioritized and limited to support research on other viruses that cause more serious or life threatening HIV/AIDS.

Thanks again for writing to us. We appreciate your interest.  

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Terri Warren, MS, RN, ANP

Warren is a Nurse Practitioner and owner of Westover Heights Clinic in Oregon. She is a renown expert and author in the field of genital herpes research, diagnosis and treatment. Warren was educated at Oregon Health and Sciences University and the University of Portland.

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