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Information for teens on sexual health is available at the stroke of a keypad


Teenagers sometimes have questions about sexual health issues that they are too embarrassed to bring up with their parents or teachers. As a result, there are a number of resources for kids to get reliable information anonymously.

For example, Planned Parenthood has a text message service called In Case You're Curious (ICYC) in which people can text the acronym to 66746. They will receive a confirmation message, and can respond with any questions they have about health or safer sex. Within 24 hours, the service sends them a response.

Additionally, the American Social Health Association has a website called, which features articles and facts about sexual health and behavior. reports that rates of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) among teenagers tend to be higher than those in older populations, a statistic that highlights the need for resources aimed at adolescents.

Teens who think they may have contracted an STD should get tested immediately, since most infections become more difficult to treat when diagnosed in late stages.