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How do you give oral sex to a man who’s uncircumcised?

The man I am currently with is not circumcised. How can I give oral sex to him so he can enjoy it? Do you pull the foreskin back?

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Thanks for your question. I’ll do my offer you some helpful information.

First, you’re right: you can pull back your partner’s foreskin to expose the glans (the bulbous tip of the penis that is sensitive to stimulation). That said, when aroused, the uncircumcised penis usually projects past the foreskin, resembling a circumcised penis. So it should be possible to stimulate and pleasure the uncircumcised penis in mostly similar ways to the circumcised penis.

When it comes to any sexual activity, communication is key. In addition to understanding the mechanics of oral sex with an uncircumcised man, I would also encourage you to ask your partner what he likes, and what feels good to him.

Remember, where sexual pleasure is concerned, you can’t be an expert at everything...and there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to sex and intimacy. Each individual and every couple have their own distinct preferences when it comes to sexual satisfaction.

One note of caution: men who are uncircumcised are generally-speaking slightly more susceptible to contracting HIV. Why? Because the composition of the foreskin seems to promote the growth of HIV and other I would encourage you and your partner to practice safer sex and get tested for HIV and other common sexually transmitted disease (STDs) regularly.

Thanks again for sharing your question, and I wish you and your partner a mutually satisfying sex life.

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