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What is the treatment for HIV?

My friend is getting tested for HIV. If he has it, what’s the treatment?

Well, I’m just wondering: how is HIV spread?

How is HIV spread? What are the ways you can get it…and can you get it from holding hands or is it just from sex? I’m so confused! 

Who can get HIV?

Can anyone get HIV or is it only some people who can get HIV?

What is the HIV virus?

What is the HIV virus? How does it make people sick and why is the HIV virus such a big deal?

Where can I get HIV tested?

I want to get screened for HIV. I don’t think I have it, but you never know, right? Where can I get HIV tested, just to be sure?

I want to know what the symptoms of HIV are. Can you help?

Can you tell me more about the symptoms of HIV? I especially want to know more about early symptoms. Can you help?

What is a HIV test?

What happens during a HIV test? What do I have to provide and what does the test look for?

Where can I get HIV test?

Where can I go for HIV test? I don't want to go a doctor. I want it to be close by. What can I do?

What are HIV and AIDS?

I hear a lot about them, but I’m confused about the difference between HIV and AIDS. Can you help? 

HIV ⎼ what is it?

I know that a lot of people get really worried about HIV. What is it?