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Can I infect someone with HIV if I have bleeding gums?

Sometimes my gums bleed a little. If I’m infected with HIV and my gums bleed a little, will my mom get infected?

When do I need to have HIV tests to rule out a false negative?

If I had HIV-1/2 (EIA) antibody tests done at six weeks, 11 weeks and five days, and 17 weeks and two days…and all came back negative, do I need more testing? Or can I move on with my life?

How long after unprotected sex are HIV symptoms likely to appear?

I had unprotected sex with a man infected with HIV, but he pulled out before he came inside of I at risk for contracting HIV? Also, I’m tired all the this an HIV symptom? How long does it take for symptoms to appear?

Can I get AIDS from bodily fluids on a bus seat?

The other day I was riding the bus and this woman next to me stood up to get off. I noticed her chair was wet, but still sat down. Later, I started to panic: if I sat on vaginal secretions, am I at risk for contracting AIDS?

I found HIV meds in my partner’s house. How do I talk to him about HIV?

I’ve been dating a young man for three months. We’ve had sex with a condom, and we perform oral sex on each other. Recently, I found prescriptions for drugs relating to HIV (Epivir, Norvir, Fortovase). My last HIV test a few months ago came back negative...but should I be concerned about contracting AIDS from my partner, and how do I approach him with this? Also, what are the necessary steps to find out whether I have been exposed?

How long after unprotected sex should I wait before getting an HIV test?

I had unprotected sex with a girl and I want to find out if I have HIV. How long do I have to wait before I get an HIV test?

Could I catch HIV by giving someone a blowjob?

I’m a teenager and I’m starting to wonder about my risks. I know you can get HIV through blood, but can you also get it through sexual fluids? For example, could I get HIV by giving someone a blowjob?

What are common symptoms of HIV/AIDS?

If you get HIV/AIDS, what is the most common thing you feel?

Is it possible to get AIDS from saliva?

Is it possible to get AIDS from saliva? My friend licked his finger while flipping the pages of a book and I immediately touched it, since I was explaining something. My thumb has a skin condition and has open cuts. My friend is gay and I’m not familiar with his sexual past. I heard that gay people are more likely to have AIDS - is this true? And if he does have AIDS, is it possible that I’m infected?

Can I get HIV from sharing food or utensils?

My friend and I were eating Japanese food and she took the chopsticks out of her mouth and stuck them in my hot noodle soup. I know for a fact that she has had multiple partners and hasn’t been tested for AIDS. I also have a small blister in my mouth that I’m worried makes me more susceptible to STDs. Should I be concerned?