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Are itching and burning in the hands, feet and legs symptoms of HIV?

I had a sexual encounter last week with someone I didn’t know. We didn’t have vaginal sex, but I did place two fingers in her vagina and we both performed oral sex on one another. The day after, I started having itching and burning sensations in my hands, feet, legs, etc. Is this a symptom of HIV? Or another STD?

For HIV-positive men, is blood in semen cause for concern?

I’m a 31-year-old male who is HIV-positive, but otherwise healthy and not currently sexually active. Recently, I’ve noticed that when I masturbate, my semen is dark colored and has some blood in it. Is this a cause for concern?

How effective are condoms at reducing the risk of HIV?

I had sex with a prostitute two weeks ago. I used a condom, but I was wondering if there’s a chance that I’m infected with HIV? This was the first time I ever had sex. I don’t have a partner and I may have to rely on paid sex even in the future. If I use a condom every time, what are my chances of getting an STD?

A had drunk sex with a girl and now I have three scabs on my penis. Could I have HIV?

A girl and I had sex the other day. I was so drunk that I was just rubbing my penis on her pubic hair before we actually had sex. Now I have three little scabs on my penis where it rubbed her pubic hair. The scabs itch like any scab that is healing. Could they be an HIV virus even though the girl said she was a virgin?

What if I have sex with a woman before HIV is detectable on her HIV test?

I read that HIV will take three to six months to be discovered by a medical test. What if I had sex with a woman (who doesn’t know whether she has HIV) and then, six months later, she tests positive for HIV? Will I also be infected, even if her virus wasn’t detected while we were having sex?

One of my past sexual partners might be HIV-positive...what should I do?

Recently, I heard that a girl I slept with a few months ago might be HIV-positive. I went and got tested the day that I heard and am waiting for the results. My question is about HIV symptoms. I’ve been checking for swollen lymph glands and there’s a tiny bump under my armpit – it’s the color of my flesh and isn’t tender. I think I’ve had it since I was a kid…but I’m worried. And if I had KS lesions, how noticeable would they be? I’m nervous!

What is my HIV risk from oral sex and mutual masturbation?

I am a gay male who has been tested and is HIV-negative. I have not been sexually active, but a few weeks ago I allowed another man to give me oral sex. I did not have an open sore or cut, nor was any blood present. Following this, we masturbated. My question is this: the other guy ejaculated. After that, I got a towel and cleaned up. I’m worried that some ejaculate might have been on my hand and maybe my hand touched my mouth. I’ve been told that HIV dies quickly when exposed to air. Is this correct?

How do I ask someone to get an HIV test?

I am a 22-year-old man and have only had sex with my ex-girlfriend. Now I want to have sex with other people, but I’m scared about catching AIDS. Even if the girl is from a good family background and has a good nature, I’m scared she might have AIDS. I want to have sex, but it’s practically impossible for me to ask any girl to have an HIV test. Even if a girl does agree, I worry that her test might be a false negative. How can I have sex without getting AIDS?

Can I get HIV/AIDS from dry humping?

Can you get HIV/AIDS from dry humping with your underwear on? I know there’s a slight chance of pregnancy, but if the girl has HIV and I ejaculate onto her is there any chance of me getting HIV? Thanks!

Can I get HIV from heavy petting?

A few days ago, I had sex with a girl I didn’t know. I used a condom for vaginal sex, but not for oral sex. Is it possible that I have HIV? It’s my understanding that I’m only at risk if she had blood in her saliva…is that right?Also, in the case of intercourse, is it possible to get HIV from vaginal fluid that makes its way down the condom to the unprotected base of the penis or stomach? And if I did some heavy petting with an HIV infected girl (naked and without a condom), will her vaginal fluid infect me then – even though there was no penetration or ejaculation without a condom?