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Herpes ranks fifth on list of most searched terms of 2012

As the internet continues to grow as a go-to source of information around the world, it appears that more people are also using it to find out more information about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). FOX News reported that, according to the 2012 Google Zeitgeist, "Herpes" was one of the most searched terms last year.

Specifically, herpes was the fifth most popular word on the list compiled at the end of 2012. "Sexually transmitted diseases" was third, topping the disease.

"STDs are much higher on the list of searches for mobile devices," Susannah Fox, associate director at the Pew Internet Project, told the news source. "Mobile users are more likely to be younger."

STD experts told FOX News that the internet is becoming a more sought after source for insight into chronic conditions because it's accessible as well as private.

As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there is no cure for this STD, which may be why so many people are adamant about avoiding it. The condition can be transmitted from person to person through sexual contact, but the risk of contracting it can be reduced by properly using a condom.