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My partner got hepatitis B over 15 years ago. Does she still have the virus?

My fiancée was diagnosed with hepatitis B when she was about 10 years old. Her most recent tests (15 years later) say she’s negative for the Australia antigen. In fact, over the last decade whenever she’s been tested, the results come back negative. Does this mean that she no longer has HBV? I’ve kissed her many times. Even though her tests come back negative, could I get HBV from kissing her? And after we get married, will our kids be affected by the virus?

I got hepatitis B from my last I contagious to new partners?

My last boyfriend gave me hepatitis B. I was really hurt...but I’ve moved on now and I’m wondering about a guy in my future. Is it possible for me to give someone HBV? If I did, would he have any problems or life threatening issues? Help me please.

Can you catch hepatitis from kissing? How can you protect yourself?

Can you catch hepatitis viruses from kissing? Are you protected if you use a condom during intercourse...even if vaginal fluid comes down to the base of the condom and touches other skin areas?

Can I get hepatitis from giving my partner analingus?

My wife enjoys analingus when I perform it on her. It doesn’t bother me, but I am wondering if I can contract hepatitis from doing this. What are the risks? Does she have to be a carrier for hepatitis in order for me to get it from analingus?