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Understanding and maintaining a healthy penis, testicles and prostate is an important part of a man's overall health and happiness. As we age, our bodies go through changes to our sex drive, energy, and sexual function. Sexual health experts, urologists, and primary care physicians answer your questions about erectile dysfunction, prostate health, sperm production and other medical conditions that, when diagnosed and treated, can greatly contribute to happy sex for life.

Popular questions & answers

Does an enlarged prostate cause premature ejaculation?
Thanks for your question, and for your care and concern about your husband. First, even though premature ejaculation is extremely common and most men experience it at…
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How do I have satisfying orgasms after prostate surgery?
Thanks for coming to us with your question. I'll do my best to offer you some helpful information. TURP surgery (short for "transurethral resection of the prostate") is…
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Could my recent circumcision decrease feeling in my penis?
You asked a great question, and I'll do my best to help. First, it's rare for a circumcision to cause any nerve damage, or problems with sensation or numbness in the penis…
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