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Drinking may keep a person from practicing safer sex

Risky sexual behavior has long been associated with drinking, especially heavy drinking. Now a study published in the journal Addiction reports that there is a direct and relationship between blood alcohol content (BAC) and the chances that person will have unprotected sex.

The authors of the study discovered that for every 0.1 milligram per milliliter increase in BAC, the odds that a person would have sex without a condom increased by 5 percent.

"This result also helps explain why people at risk often show this behavior despite better knowledge: alcohol is influencing their decision processes," said principal investigator Dr. J. Rehm.

Authors of the study said that this is the kind of behavior that leads to the spread of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

In addition to using condoms, individuals can practice safer sex by limiting their number of sexual partners and get tested regularly for STDs. Early detection of these conditions can prevent the spread of infections and viruses, as well as improve the chances of effective treatment for individuals who receive positive test results.