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Doctors develop smartphone app to document STD status

For many sexually active individuals, meeting a special someone on the town or at a party comes with its own share of risks. After all, bringing up the subject of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) isn't exactly a great way to break the ice, but for those who are looking for a way to protect themselves when becoming intimate with another person, there may just be an app for that.

According to the Daily Mail, a group of doctors in New Jersey has developed an smartphone application called MedXCom. The app encourages patients to go to their doctors for regular STD testing, and when they receive a clean bill of health, doctors can then upload this report onto the app so individuals can have documentation at all times of their STD-free statuses.

"If you happen to be out at a bar or a fraternity house or whatever, and you meet someone, you can then bump phones and exchange contact information and STD status," Michael Nusbaum, M.D., the co-developer of the app, told the news outlet.

The app is primarily geared toward young people who represent nearly half of all new STD infections each year, according to ABC News. Additionally, with STD rates continually on the rise, the app could prove to be a valuable tool to reduce the chances that individuals could become intimate with someone who has tested positive.

On the other end of the spectrum, doctors will not be allowed to post their patients' positive tests - they are simply given treatment. With proper care and retests that come back negative, doctors will then be able to post a patient's status. While the app certainly won't make a good pickup line, it could play a vital role in decreasing the chances of contracting a potentially life-changing STD.