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i hv pcod which is also called pcos so after marriage cn i hv sex n cn i get pregnant without any problem?

i hv mny symptoms lyk unwanted hairs on my body, too much hair loss, obesity, irregular periods, xtra fat on hipps, b,p smtyms.

What's the cause of irritation of the skin of the penis?

For several months now, the skin of my penis right above the foreskin is red and irritated which tends to get worse during sex or masturbation. There is just overall redness, no other spots or pimples. Having sex worsens the condition,and it feels irritated, which subsides afterwards, but the redness never disappears entirely. It is certainly not a question of personal hygiene. Can you recommend anything that might reduce this irritation?

my age is 24 . whenever my penis is eracted still my foreskin covered the glans .is there any chance to get problem in future during sex .

uncircumcissed penis create a problem or not ?

What are the important considerations for having intercourse for a woman with an indwelling foley catheter?

I am a sexuality educator working with people with dd/id. Many people also have physical impairments of one kind or another. This is the first time I have been asked this question. I would like to know about possible safety issues as well as body mechanics and what might interfere with her pleasure or comfort. Thank you.

Are there any problems with having vaginal intercourse if a woman has an indwelling foley catheter?

I am a sexuality educator working with people who have dd/id. Many individuals also have physical impairments and other chronic conditions. This is the first time I have been asked this question. I would like information on safety issues, body mechanics and possible impact on pleasure. Thanks.

Indwelling catheters and anal sex

I am a gay male with mild Spinabifida. I have been doing intermittent catheters since the age of 7 due to urine incontinence. I currently have an indwelling catheter in due to a bladder infection and large stones in my bladder. I would like to know if it is still possible for me and my boyfriend to engage in sex. Are there any potential health issues I should be aware of with either giving or receiving anal?

i am unmarried and find signs of erectile dysfunction in me due to some bad habits suggest me some aid

i had bad habits of discharging sex through hand practice from very early age

My wife's vagina is too tight and even with gel, i can't penetrate into her. What is the solution?

We are married for just more than a year now. We have been trying to penetrate by various positioins and also with the help of gel, condoms, but somehow my penis don't penetrate into her vagina. Earlier she used to say that she was tensed, but now the tension has also decreased and she is also fully aroused before i try to penetrate, but my penis just slips from vagina and don;t get into it. After tryinh for 2/3 times, i loose my erection and things become difficult. These problems are having impact in our marriage life. Pls help us.