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When i started fingering myself i craved alot, i was working at a hospital and i went to the bathroom ( private) and started trying to finger myself. i had just started and i dont think i knew the difference i felt so bad. it was a while ago, last year and i still feel guilty. should i tell someone or just move on?

My boyfriend has an incomplete spinal cord injury to L2 and T12. How likely is his fertility rate? It has been 10 years since his injury.

He is able to ejaculate, but isn't able to keep an erection.

I have a sci and am female what medication will allow me to feel more intensely in that area?

I have a spinal cord injury and since then, it has affected my relations with my husband, please tell what drug or cream can heighten my feelings so we can enjoy each other again

does it matter small external genitalia of a man for a girl, when wil say hypogonadism..what a lower limit of organism's strenth in minute

i think i suffering from premature ejaculation because it lasts 0.5to1min.., wich hv 2-3ml semen at frist term n at third almost absent. Hv no sexual experienc, was a shy like type boy cause of smal genitalia , so hasitaation. And had no analysi7 of semen for any qualitative , quantivitive or sperm worrid what wil happen if get marry

What special issues are pertinent in relation to sexuality in children or adults with mental handicap?

I am to give a talk on the said topic to the parents of children with mental handicap, and need the information you will supply to prepare this talk.

Can I have open heart surgery to replace aortic valve while at the same time I have chronic prostatitis?

I currently have a recurrence of prostatitis. I am scheduled for open heart surgery in a week & would like an independent opinion to know if it is still OK to proceed with the surgery? My urologist is currently out of town & will not be back until November 5th. My surgery is scheduled for November 1st. I am known to have recurrent bouts of prostatitis – my last episode was in October 2010. It took over 2 months to go away – it finally went away after a 10 day treatment with 500mg levaquin - 1 per day. 500mg Cipro – 2 a day for 2 months did not work, in fact my symptoms got worse. I have also noticed that when extremely anxious my symptoms are worse. Any input you can offer would be much appreciated. Many thanks

When I Do Sex Regularly Even Once A Week Pimples On Face Grows Up And I Feel So Week And Unhappy Like I'm Nothing...? Why This Happens To Me

Hi This Is Harry...Will You Please Help Me I Have A Big Problem...When I Do Sex Regularly Even Once A Week Pimples On Face Grows Up And I Feel So Week And Unhappy Like I'm Nothing...? Why This Happens To Me...? Let Me Tell You I Did So Much Wrong When I Was Child You Can Understand I Mean Daily Masturbation With Hand For Couple Of Years... Reply Me Soon... Thanks...

What kind of medication can help a paraplegic have sex

i m a 21yr old male paraplegic....i had an accident 6 yrs ago...i want to do sex..what kind of treatment help me for sex...i can do so many positions but i can't fell rigidity in my help me....

I am doing masturbation from last 6-7 yrs, pata nahi kyu ab mere penis me tanaw nahi aata? how can solve this problem? or mer

my penis do not stand straight & no hardness come in it at the time of sex. my ejaculation also being fastly in few seconds. please email me , causes and solution of this problem at because i can,t discuss about it from any other person. thanks

How can my mom talk about sex with a developmentally disabled child?

I'm Developmentally disabled. And its hard for me to understand what she says. How can she approach the talk in a way that I can understand? Should having this talk be all in one big talk or should time be spend on talking about it?