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Do you have positioning tips for intercourse between a complete T12 para and a C6 tetra who has enough return to walk with crutches?

Female is T12. No movement below waist Male is C6 incomplete with most core and lower extremity return

sexuality and intellectual disabilities

i work with an individual who is sexually frustrated. he has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair to get around. there is little information out there about supporting an individual with physical and intellectual limitations when it comes to sexual health, establishing/maintaining sexual relationships and std prevention, etc.

How can I increase sperm count?

When I masturbate everything is fine but when I am about to cum the liquid comes without any pressure or force you can say. Is this harmful? if yes, please tell me how it can be cured? What food should I eat to increase sperm count?

I'm suffering from an acute case of premature ejaculation, it has been going on for months and nothing is work. help...

This is to the point that when I attempt to stop stimulation the sensation keeps going until I ejaculate. If somehow I manage to hold it back during intercourse I immediately lose my erection. The last attempt at intercourse I never even made it all the way in.

what i have to do to solve my problem

iam 21 years old .from the age of14 or 15 i started doing masturbating. but now my penis size and sex time is decreasing.i can feel it was decreased...

I have a girlfriend age 20ry. During intercorce she feel extrem pain in her vagine. Even she fear to touch by finger in her vegina.wht to d

She have PCOD problem scence 4year. She has feeling havy abdominal pain befour starting menustrition cycle on every month. We are going to marriede comming year. We are very depress. Please help us.

I have a girlfriend age 20ry. During intercorce she feel extrem pain in her vagine. Even she fear to touch by finger in her vegina.wht to d

She has PCOD problem by 4yrs. She suffired by ceviour abdominal pain befour starting priyed every month. We are planing to getting marriade comming year pl help us. We are very depress for this....

I would like to find resources for Sexuality and Chronic fatigue syndrome

What are some ways to address sexual activity when a woman has CFS and her partner wants to be sexual, but she does not have the energy.

Each time we have sex my wife gets a bad yeast infection, with or without a condom, any ideas why?

We have tried it right after a shower, with non-perfumey soap and still have issue. She is very prone to UTI's but they seem to be much more painful and clearly bothersome after we have been together. We very rarely engage in intercourse anymore but each time we try, the issue resurfaces.

Is there a cure for painful sex?

I started having sex recently when i got married,but whenever we're having it i always feel pains.pls i want to enjoy it but what should we do to stop the pain from coming up?please i need your help.