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Diagnostic testing extends its reach

The market for sexually transmitted disease testing is estimated to reach $108.5 billion across the world by 2019, according to Transparency Market Research. The STD testing market was valued at $65.9 billion in 2012 and is expected to continually grow. With a sexually active population starting at young ages, there are numerous people throughout the world who have to consider the risk of contracting an STD. As populations continue to grow, the need for comprehensive, diagnostic testing does as well. Although there have been advancements in the treatment of STDs, they can still reoccur and need to be screened to prevent adverse side effects or further transmission. Undiagnosed STDs often mean that they will be left untreated.

North America and Europe make up a large part of the testing volume market share for the most common STDs like chlamydia, gonorrhea and primary and secondary syphilis. Many countries in the Asia-Pacific region have a higher market share in viral STDs such as HIV, according to Transparency Market Research.

Diagnostic testing is an important part of as complete sexual health plan. Test results can provide individuals with important information that may change the way they interact with sexual partners or even how they care for their own bodies. It is important to take advantage of the growing number of diagnostic testing centers available.