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Condom dispensers make their way into Philadelphia schools

Before the holiday season, many adults were expressing their outrage across Philadelphia as news broke that condom dispensers may soon be available in public high schools. The decision to install the machines in these facilities came after new evidence showed a rise in HIV in teens.

Despite the backlash from concerned parents, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported that the dispensers have now officially been placed in certain schools across the city in an effort to improve the sexual health of students. The schools were chosen based on their STD rates and whether or not they already had a health resource center in place. Teenagers can now find the dispensers located near their nurse's office.

Although not everyone is happy with the decision, Philadelphia School District officials gave parents the option to sign a form that prohibits their sons or daughters from taking advantage of the machines.

While many parents like to think that their teen would never engage in sexual activities while in high school, this action confirms the reality that many teens are. Furthermore, it's worth noting that condoms can play a large role in preventing the transmission of STDs, such as herpes and chlamydia, as well as HIV.

In addition, researchers from Indiana University discovered that condoms cause no interference during intercourse, according to Women's Health magazine. According to their study's results, people who use condoms report that their pleasure and arousal is not inhibited by the use of a condom.

"Many are thinner than the condoms of 10 years ago," Michael Reece, director of the Center for Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University and study author, told the news source. "They're available in a range of shapes, sizes, textures and scents. Some even come with vibrating rings that stimulate both the penis and the clitoris."