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College student creates "Condom Ambulance" delivery service

College is a time of exploration and discovery, and it's a period in many young individuals' lives when they decide to become sexually active. Of course, being able to find proper protection in these sorts of situations has always been a struggle for some students, which is why one entrepreneur saw a golden opportunity. According to ABC News, Kyle McCabe, a student at the College of New Jersey in Ewing Township, has started his own business called the "Condom Ambulance," or CondAm, that will deliver protection to those in need 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

While McCabe is on-call each day, he also goes one step further by offering service when students need it most. For instance, during the prime "hook-up" hours between Friday and Sunday in the evening and early morning, McCabe will deliver a condom within five minutes of receiving an order. The rates are $3 for one Trojan Enz condom or 10 for $15 - this is certainly more expensive than picking them up in a store, but having McCabe on-call has been a lifesaver for many students.

"Some friends and I have all run into a similar problem," McCabe told the news outlet. "I just sort of would rather people call me instead of going through with any sort of sexual encounters unprotected."

According to, McCabe's new service could play a positive role in reducing sexually transmitted disease rates, and gives students a wealth of new options to consider if they decide to become intimate with other individuals. Thus far, the service has received great reviews from students around campus and McCabe's business has found a unique niche that can cater to students' lifestyles and serve their health needs in one compelling package.