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Chicago schools to revamp sex education

Chicago Public Schools aim to provide a tailored sexual education program for kids of all grade levels. A new education policy under consideration by the Chicago Board of Education would design age-appropriate material for kids from kindergarten through 12th grade. This type of tailored approach to sex education has not been done on the scale it would be in the Chicago Public Schools.

The new policy would mean different grade ranges would focus on issues that pertain to the age of those students. For kindergarten through fourth grade, lessons would focus on anatomy and physiology, reproduction, healthy relationships and personal safety, according to Chicago Public Schools. And in grades 5 through 12, lessons would center on human reproduction, transmission and prevention of HIV/AIDS and other STDs, healthy decision-making, sexual orientation and bullying, contraception and abstinence. The new education plan aims to lower rates of STDs and provide information on screenings for STDs. The program would take three years to fully implement, according to Chicago Public Schools.

Quality sex education is a cornerstone of complete sexual health. Without proper sexual education, individuals may not understand the risks associated with sexual intercourse like sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy. The more people who are thoroughly educated on STD basics the better people will be able to slow the spread of diseases or prevent transmission altogether.