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Can sex be considered a heart healthy activity?


When thinking about habits that are good for the cardiovascular system, exercise, healthy eating and avoidance of tobacco often come to mind. News sources are now reporting that sexual activity may be added to the list. recently featured an article on the subject, citing a 2010 study which revealed that men who had sex twice weekly had a lower chance of developing heart disease, compared to counterparts who only did the deed once every month.

"If you have a healthy heart, you are more likely to have frequent sex, and a healthy sex life may also decrease your heart attack risk factors," said E. Dean Nukta, M.D., medical director of interventional cardiology at Fairview Hospital, a Cleveland Clinic Hospital, quoted by the news source.

MSNBC also reported on the link between cardiovascular wellness and sex. The news source listed stress relief, endorphin production and mood rejuvenation as reasons why intercourse may benefit the heart.

However, cardiovascular benefits are likely to be outweighed by stress and other physical symptoms if an individual becomes infected with a sexually transmitted disease, a fact which underscores the need for regular testing and condom use.