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Whee! It’s Almost STD Awareness Month!

April 11th, 2013 by Jenni

STD Awareness Month

Sexually Transmitted Disease Awareness Month, which hits in April, isn’t a holiday that’s going to get any section of the greeting card rack dedicated to it, or any parades thrown for it, or any catchy holiday songs written in its honor. The facts behind the special month aren’t that happy:

  • An estimated 20 million new cases of STD infection are reported each year in the U.S.
  • The cost to treat STD symptoms annually is an estimated $16 billion.
  • Young folk are the hardest hit–the Centers for Disease Control reports that of all cases of STD infection, approximately half of those are teens and young adults.

Even if the month isn’t exactly party-worthy, it’s still important to mark the occasion in a few easy ways:

Get tested. If you know that you’re safe, you can have a better time celebrating STD Awareness Month with other revelers.

Use party favors. Grabbing a supply of condoms, dental dams and other handy-dandy prophylactics can help protect you from getting infected with a whole host of ailments.

Spread the word. You could write “HAPPY STD AWARENESS MONTH” across the sky with a twin-engine Cessna, or go ahead and write that catchy pop ditty about STD Awareness Month. It might be easier to just share a website (via email, Twitter, Facebook or word of mouth) with your friends and loved ones:

  • The Centers for Disease Control website has up-to-the-minute information on STDs–research, which infections are on the rise, and how to protect yourself.
  • The National Institutes of Health site has a special section on STDs, including what diseases are out there, what STI symptoms to watch out for and what treatment options exist.
  • Share this blog with your amigos and tell them to bookmark it. It’s a pretty handy resource, if we may be so humble.

Stay safe, my friends.

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