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Top 20 Cities For Syphilis

March 15th, 2012 by The Sexual Health Team


Sexually transmitted diseases can affect any sexually active person, regardless of their age, race or sexual history. However, like all infections, certain STDs are more prevalent in some cities than in others. The good news is that some STDs (such as syphilis) are on the decline throughout the country. However, this doesn’t mean that the disease is not still a concern.

Here are the top 20 U.S.cities in which syphilis is most prevalent:

1.        Indianapolis, In.

2.        Nashville, Tenn.

3.        Baltimore, Md.

4.        Memphis, Tenn.

5.        Atlanta, Ga.

6.        Oklahoma City, Ok.

7.        Detroit, Mich.

8.        St. Louis, Mo.

9.        Tulsa, Ok.

10.      New Orleans, La.

11.      Louisville, Ky.

12.      Chicago, Ill.

13.      Norfolk, Va.

14.      Washington, D.C.

15.      Charlotte, N.C.

16.      Newark, N.J.

17.      Dallas, Texas

18.      Phoenix, Az.

19.      Richmond,Va.

20.      San Juan, P.R.

(Based on survey from the Centers from Disease Control and Prevention)

Regardless of where you live, it’s important to always practice safer sex. This means limiting the number of your partners, knowing your partner’s sexual history, and always using condoms and dental dams when having intercourse and oral sex. It’s always a great idea to get tested for STDs and be aware of your sexual health status. Luckily, STD testing is now more convenient and confidential than ever. Visit www.sexualhealth.com to learn more.

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