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Today in Sex Tech: There’s A Sex Data App For That!

June 4th, 2013 by Sondra



The Kinsey Institute recently launched the Kinsey Reporter,  a global mobile survey platform to share, explore, and visualize anonymous data about sex! Data submitted to the app can be explored on KinseyReporter.org. Reports themselves may only be submitted via smart device (iPhone, Android, iPad, etc).

Data currently available on the website can be viewed in a Map or Timeline format, allowing users to visualize sexual information by either place or time, worldwide, and giving a whole new definition to the term “citizen scientist,” or “citizen sex scientist!”

Sex survey categories currently available for web exploration include:

  • Sexual Fetish
  • Unwanted Experience
  • Female Hormonal Birth Control and Effects
  • Flirting
  • Public Display of Affection
  • Sexual Activity 

An impressive and bold list, the categories beg the question: How, exactly, will this anonymous data be used in the future? Especially regarding reports that fall under “Unwanted Experience.” 

In light contrast, the “Sexual Fetish” and “Flirting” categories have the glorious potential to be a geographic gold mine. So far, the “buttock fetish” ranks highest out of 8 possibilities. Foot fetish, sadly, is a little low on the ranking poll. 

The app may also become an excellent resource for people seeking data about “Female Hormonal Birth Control Use and Effects,” but perhaps a “Safer Sex Method” could be included to encourage sex positivity and safety, not merely sexual curiosity, and support resource data. The app currently does not include reports for sexually transmitted infections (STI) which could be useful from a global research perspective.

If you are interested in following social media trends for the app, the #KinseyReporter is currently trending on Twitter.

Each week, The Naked Truth will post a “Today in Sex Tech” article. Leave a comment if there are any sex tech stories you would like covered!


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