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Sex Tech: Take A Photo Of What?

July 9th, 2013 by Sondra



Yes! Bringing a whole new meaning to Snapchat and SextingSTDTriage is a mobile app that allows  you to take a photo of worrisome spots, sores, or bumps on your genitals and anonymously submit the photo(s) to a licensed dermatologist for review. Responses are generally received within six hours of submission.

Though a tech savvy way to address genital concerns and STDs, STDTriage is not an exact science, nor can a simple image confirm an STD. However, the app can aid by providing a quick visual analysis of the area and direct people to proper follow-up care, such as a visit to a health clinic, their doctor, or a dermatologist. Many genital lesions or bumps require a swab of the infected area to confirm the presence of an STD (such as genital herpes), but others (such as genital warts) may not.

Ringworm (“jock itch”) is a type of non-sexually transmitted fungal infection that can effect both women and men. Saddle sores, from long bike rides, is another. Because some of these other skin conditions may not necessarily be distinguishable in just one photograph, it is important to be proactive about further testing once you receive results from STDTriage.

From the STDTriage website, a list of common skin conditions include:

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT send any STDTraige-intended photos to anyone via Snapchat! I assure you, it will not be anonymous and the results you receive from the recipient will not be pleasant.

Happy Snapping!


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