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Sex Tech: Roundtable On Sex During Pregnancy

July 17th, 2013 by Sondra

A reblog from Huffington Post, SexualHealth.com’s very own Integrated Marketing Communications Manager appeared this week on HuffPost Live!

The topic? Sex During Pregnancy: Doing the Dirty With A Bun In The Oven. HuffPost Live’s anchor, Caitlyn Becker, spoke with Carla Riseman (8.5 months pregnant), Dr. Lauren Striecher (Assistant Clinical Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Northwestern University), Hogan Hilling (Board Member of the National At Home Dad Network), Barrie Rovenger (new mom), and Willie Flint (Network Engineer who previously dated pregnant women) about the trials, tribulations, awkward moments, and joys of having sex with a baby on the way.

Throughout the segment, this fabulously eclectic group of people answered questions such as, “Will sex during pregnancy induce labor?” And “What is the best position?” Other topics included: “What No One Tells You About Pregnant Sex” and “How to Have Good Sex During Pregnancy.” The conversation sprung from a recent study published by Reuters titled, “Sex During the 9th Month of Pregnancy Won’t Actually Start Labor.” The HuffPost Live segment is well diversified, representing the experiences and stories of both men and women, guided by the wise wisdom of an ob/gyn professional.

The beauty of education, technology, and media in action, this type of roundtable discussion using video chat is becoming a far more optimal and accessible way to bring multiple perspectives to the public arena. What better way to learn more about sex during pregnancy than by going straight to the source(s)? And then sharing those sources directly on live media with an interactive and engaged audience? Be sure to check out the fun, live comments to the right of the video to see how viewers responded during the discussion. Follow Huffpost Live on Facebook and Twitter for more stories like this!

Sex, technology, and hot mamas! It’s a good, healthy, integrative life.


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