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Single On Valentine’s Day? Here’s What To Do

February 2nd, 2012 by Dr. Lisa, Medical Director

Valentine's Day Bears

The Go-To Guide for Improving the New Single You

If you’re single, Valentine’s Day can often bring a sense of dread as well as the desire to curl up in bed and give up on love altogether. Yet Valentine’s Day offers a whole host of fun activities for single folks, not to mention, it’s a great time to simply enjoy doing whatever you want, no guilt or expensive gifts required:

Take a Class or Hit the Gym: This Valentine’s Day, amp up your endorphins at thegym and add some spice to your life with a new adventurous exercise class. Not only will you burn calories and feel good about yourself, you may just make new friends for some fun in and outside of the gym.

For ladies that are looking to feel the burn and release their inner vixen, try a fun dance class or even a burlesque class. You will not only tone your muscles, but you will also increase your confidence and learn to strut with no inhibitions.

Get Creative in the Kitchen: Now that your endorphins are pumping, introduce a little experimentation in the kitchen and cook up a meal that is both healthy and delicious. Whole Foods in Lincoln Park is a Mecca for creative chefs looking to fuse organic ingredients and a number of international cuisines. Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to try a new Indian curry, Spanish paella, or a classically low-calorie German Strawberry Schaum Torte.

Know Your Sexual Health Status: Living a healthy life doesn’t stop at hitting the gym and cooking a healthy meal. Knowing your sexual health status is an incredibly important matter for yourself, your partner(s) and your family.  Manage your sexual health today by taking the first step with easy STD testing from www.sexualhealth.com.

And, most importantly of all, don’t forget to spread the love. You might not be coupled up, but there are still plenty of people in your life that are in need of love and affection. Give your best friend a call, make a handmade Valentine for your mom, or bake some brownies for your elderly neighbor. Remember, the more love you give, the more you get in return.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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