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The Naked Truth The Sexual Health Blog

Sexual Health Weekly Roundup: More Supreme Court Decisions and Whoa Mama!

July 22nd, 2013 by Sondra

Each week, The Naked Truth will round up weekly sexual health-related news stories. Hot off the presses this week: same sex marriage in Britain, HPV vaccine for men who have sex with men, first transgender public housing facility opens in Chicago, Oklahoma medical abortion bill reaches Supreme Court, chlamydia stats for women, sex and literature, and an awkward mom.

Yay!:British Lawmakers Pass Same Sex Marriage Bill” (Deutsche Welles)

Excellent awareness raising and a reminder that girls and young women are not the only ones at risk: “HPV vaccination to prevent anal cancer in men who have sex with men” (BMJ Publishing Group)

This is very exciting!First comprehensive transgender housing center in the nation opens in Chicago” (WBEZ)

In 2013, this should be a non-issue. However: “The Supreme Court’s Next Big Abortion Decision” (Mother Jones)

An important reminder that barrier methods are encouraged with the use of other forms of birth control that do not protect against STD transmission:Chlamydia Rates Skyrocket in 2012 Among Women” (STD Testing Services)

Because everyone loves a good literary scene: “Good sex in literature: why is it so hard to find?” (The Guardian)

This is awkward: “Mom Seeks Experienced Girl to Take Harvard-Bound Son’s Virginity” (Gawker)





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