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Non Risky Romantic Adventures

February 15th, 2013 by Sondra

Sometimes, it’s just not fun to do it alone. In Savage Love fashion, for this list I collaborated with a dear friend and sex positive Chicagoan who is married, queer, and poly.

Here is what we came up with for no-risk and low-risk romantic adventures!

1. Cupcakes! Need I say more? You and your partner can make cupcakes together and start a food fight with the extra frosting! Of course, make sure you are naked when you start the food fight.
2. Naked cuddling! Specifically, naked cuddling that does not lead to sex. Make time to just be with each other without the progression toward sexual play or intercourse. This could be quite lovely, and very safe!
3. Bathe your partner. This is always very sweet and intimate. Add a glass of wine and some classical music and you have yourself a date!
4. Couples art projects! Maybe paint each other naked or block out time for you and your partner to play with clay, acrylics, or crafts.
5. Take non-naked photos of each other, perhaps while adventuring through the city on bicycle or while strolling through the Botanic Garden.
6. Exercise together. This can be a fun way to laugh, boost endorphins, and keep healthy and fit!
7. Cook a meal together and eat it in bed. Or even plan to sip coffee and eat yogurt in bed if neither of you want to make a large breakfast in the morning. This type of activity can be really silly and charming.
8.  Marathon make-out sessions on the couch like in high school! Sometimes it is just really good to kiss.
9. Collaborate on erotic stories or read erotica aloud together. Though, I would maybe not plan to cuddle naked after this.
10. Interactive scavenger hunts! Link up with local sex toy stores and send your partner on a mission! The prize at the end? You.

A caveat to making naked cuddle or play dates: really do use them to just be around one another naked. No sex. This type of nakedness is body positive and can create stronger intimate bonds.

Happy V-Day!  Watch The Vagina Monologues in your city! Congrats to Illinois for passing Marriage Equality in the Senate! Kiss someone!



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