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How AIDS Came To America

April 3rd, 2012 by Brent Reily, Staff Writer


For young people today, it is hard to imagine a time without HIV/AIDS, and future generations will be well-aware of this virus and the devastating impact it can have on the human immune system. However, just a few decades ago, HIV/AIDS was a little known and little talked about virus. And, despite its spread, the truth is that the virus has not been in this country very long. In fact, the first known case of AIDS only appeared in the United States in 1981.

So how did HIV/AIDS begin in this country and so quickly spread throughout the United States?

While there are still many questions surrounding the origin of HIV, most researchers now believe that it initially began as a virus among primates in Sub-Saharan Africa. The virus then spread to nearby human communities, and from there, it gradually made its spread across the world.

If you are wondering how a virus can spread hundreds and thousands of miles across the globe, the answer has a lot to do with our modern society. As transportation improved and people began migrating and exporting/importing more goods, more possibilities for infection occurred. Contaminated blood products as well as intravenous drug use and multiple sex partners might also have played a role.

The spread of HIV also had a lot to do with the fact that people were unaware of the virus and how to protect themselves. Unlike certain STDs that come with obvious side effects, the symptoms of HIV can be quite unclear and it can take years for a person to even experience symptoms. Meanwhile, they might be spreading the virus to other partners without their knowledge.

Luckily, in today’s day and age, we know the importance of safer sex and of STD testing. We can decrease the spread of HIV/AIDS in future generations and protect our bodies and sexual health by practicing safer sex and by getting tested on a regular basis. Always use condoms, limit your number of sexual partners, and ask your partners to get tested as well.

If you have never been tested for HIV/AIDS, don’t worry—the process is simple and painless, and getting tested will remove that anxiety and fear from your life and your bedroom. Visit www.SexualHealth.com to learn about our fast, simple, and 100% confidential HIV testing.

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