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Happy October! Let’s Talk About Sex

October 23rd, 2012 by Sondra



Pioneered by the more than 100-year-old nonprofit organization, Advocates for Youth, October is Let’s Talk Month—the perfect time to talk to your kids about sex, sex safety, healthy relationships, and sexually transmitted infections (STI). The campaign encourages parents to have the often difficult but important conversations with their children about sex—the good, the bad, and the curious.

Parents who speak openly with their teens or adolescents have the ability to remove the mystery and taboos surrounding sex and instead provide the tools to help their kids make their own decisions. Whether those decisions include no sex at all (abstinence), birth control options, consent vs. non-consent, or STI screening, it is important for youth to have a non-judgmental, open space to discuss these issues at home.

A recent article in HealthFinder.gov (originally published in the scientific journal Pediatrics) highlights the positive impact of not only mothers who have conversations with their kids about sex, but how fathers play an important role as well. The study suggests that fathers who communicate directly with their children about sex have a positive and supportive impact on their child’s choices.

Some great resources to begin these conversations with your kid about sex include BedsiderScarleteen, this very fabulous hip hop video from the 90’s, and of course the Advocates for Youth Let’s Talk Month Planning Guide.

How will you be celebrating Let’s Talk Month?

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