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Dentist Offers Information On Oral Gonorrhea

September 19th, 2012 by Brent Reily, Staff Writer


The National Center for Biotechnology Information reports that anyone who has any type of sex can contract gonorrhea, a common sexually transmitted disease (STD). This is important for people to keep in mind because there may be individuals out there who do not understand that oral sex can also lead to an STD infection.

Recently, The Huffington Post published an article by dentist Thomas Connelly about the dangers of oral gonorrhea. According to the dental professional, the disease is caused by a bacteria that affects the cells of mucus membranes. “That’s why it’s very much considered a “genital area” disease, often targeting organs and body parts where mucus membranes / bodily fluids are present, e.g., the penis, vagina and anus. And yes, the mouth, eyes and throat,” said Connelly, quoted by The Post.

The doctor encouraged individuals to practice safer sex, which means using a condom, even during oral sex. While it is still unclear whether kissing can lead to the transmission of this condition, it is well known that oral sex is a way to pass the STD on to a partner.

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