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The Naked Truth The Sexual Health Blog

The Naked Truth

A Sexual Health Blog

Author Archives: Sondra

Lincoln, I am sure, would not be rolling in his grave. Amazing news this week! The Illinois House and Senate passed IL SB10, the Religious Freedom and Marriage Equality Act, making way for same-sex couples to marry in the state. … Read more

October marked Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Here is a recap of how to maintain a healthy relationship in nine innings: 1st Inning At the bottom of the 1st, while your team is at bat, make sure you ask consent from … Read more

Below is the Sexual Health Weekly Roundup! Stories include information about prostate cancer, reproductive health and endocrine-inhibitors, an HIV scare in the porn industry, grant opportunities from The Kinsey Institute, dire health insurance stats for women, world contraception celebrations, and an … Read more

Sex Tech: ORIGAMI!

Perhaps ten steps ahead of paper cranes, a new condom design funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is slated to hit the consumer market sometime in 2014/2015. If the website is any indication, ORIGAMI Condoms look as sexy as they … Read more

There is something to be said about fidelity. There is also something to be said about being proactive about one’s health, no matter what social, pop culture, income, or class bracket a person may fall in. Wrapped in the drama … Read more

For many students across the United States, the dog days of summer are over, now replaced by pencils, teachers, books, and dirty looks. What if some of those dirty looks are flirtatious? What if some of them are not? What … Read more

  On October 1, 2013, just about one month from now, the Health Insurance Marketplace will open for individuals and families under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), or Obamacare. One of the benefits you may already have … Read more

Each week, The Naked Truth will round up weekly sexual health-related news stories. Hot off the presses this week: ‘Camp Gyno’, Indiegogo backed pleasure, mother’s milk, how friendship can reduce the risk of STDs, and same-sex Visa applications gain equal rights.  Welcome, … Read more

Over the past few months, The Naked Truth has been shouting all about civic hacking and challenges throughout the country. Well, Challenge.gov has launched to encourage citizens to get on board and hack away at civic issues that concern them. An online challenge … Read more

Needle Meds

  Each week, The Naked Truth will round up weekly sexual health-related news stories. Hot off the presses this week: more good news for transgender youth, beautiful and complicated dating, sex and the disabled in France, sex for the elderly in the U.S., … Read more