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The Naked Truth The Sexual Health Blog

The Naked Truth

A Sexual Health Blog

Author Archives: Jenni

STD Awareness Month

Calendar picture from Flickr user DafneCholet via CC 2.0

Sexually Transmitted Disease Awareness Month, which hits in April, isn’t a holiday that’s going to get any section of the greeting card rack dedicated to it, or any parades thrown for it, or any catchy holiday songs written in its … Read more


Not all Internet videos are pointless. A new clip spoofing an uberpopular rap song also has an important purpose: spreading the word about getting tested for HIV. If you’re on the Internet, odds are you’re very familiar with the Macklemore … Read more


The casanova character on How I Met Your Mother has unprotected sex constantly—yet amazingly, he never pays the price. If you’ve seen the CBS sitcom (and you probably have, since it’s on some channel or other every single minute of … Read more


Join renowned sexual health expert Dr. Lisa Oldson on Twitter as she answers questions about recent STD testing and treatment happenings. Hepatitis C. There might be a ton of topics that are more fun to talk about than that particular … Read more

koala climbing

Chlamydia Hits The Cuddly Koala

Occurrences of the sexually transmitted disease are on the rise in cities all over the world. Recently, though, researchers are finding chlamydia is causing big problems Down Under. Health headlines around the globe are reporting that STDs are on the … Read more


Apps Hook You Up With STD status

The smartphone you carry around is smarter than you know—with a handful of new apps, you can be confident that your parner’s free of sexually transmitted diseases, and prove the same to them, before you get down to business. Short … Read more


STD testing is a scary subject for a lot of people—well, okay, nearly everybody—but it doesn’t have to be that way. Arming yourself with the knowledge to eliminate that fear is the first step toward ensuring you stay healthy and … Read more