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16 & (Not) Pregnant

September 23rd, 2011 by Carla

by Helga Weber

World Contraception Day calls attention to birth control and STD prevention

Do you ever get sucked into reality TV shows, almost against your will?

It happens to me from time to time, most recently with MTV’s 16 and Pregnant. If you’ve ever seen it, you might relate to my “I-can’t-change-the-channel-even-though-I-want-to” response to the show.

I can’t change the channel because I can’t help but wonder how different my life would have been if I’d had a baby when I was in my teens…mostly, I think about the things I would have missed out on. Studying in Spain? Out. My first year of college in the dorms? Nope. That spur of the moment road trip with friends? Definitely not.

It’s one thing to have a baby when you’re ready for the responsibility…it’s another thing to get pregnant when you’re not. While I admire those teen moms who rise to the occasion and count their children as blessings…for most teens (and others who don’t want to get pregnant), knowing a thing or two about contraception is preferable to an unwanted pregnancy.

That’s where organizers of World Contraception Day come in…calling attention to “a world where every pregnancy is wanted.” I’m down with their mission and their website, Your-Life.com…along with informative videos and ways to connect with other women, it includes an excellent section on the most effective contraception methods for young women.

They also talk about STD prevention. Remember, most birth control methods don’t also protect against sexually transmitted infections…but latex condoms do. And condoms can be used with just about any other birth control method to further reduce the risk of an unplanned pregnancy and possible STD transmission.

So mark your calendars: World Contraception Day is September 26. What will you do to spread the word about safer sex and how to reduce the risk of unwanted pregnancies?

Photo by Flickr user Helga Weber, CC 2.0

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