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Binge drinking in college may lead to sexual assault

A new study conducted at the University of Buffalo suggests that females who increase the amount of alcohol they consume to levels that are considered binge drinking once they become college freshmen may be at an increased risk of sexual assault.

Authors of the study examined the drinking habits and experiences of 437 young women during their later stages of high school through their first year of college.

They discovered that of the females who had engaged in binge drinking – defined as having four to six alcoholic beverages in one night – roughly 25 percent of them had reported sexual victimization, which ranged from unwanted sexual contact to rape.

The researchers said that their findings underscore a need for alcohol education classes in high school. Additionally, they noted that parental involvement is key in helping teenagers and young adults make good decisions.

"Parents still do have an impact on their kids after they go to college," said lead researcher Maria Testa. "Parenting is not over."

These young students should also keep in mind the basic tenets of safer sex: condom use and regular testing for sexually transmitted diseases.