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Australian burger franchise using condoms to promote new menu

Typically, when restaurants add new items to their menus, they send out promotional emails, mailers and hit the pavement to promote their product. According to, the Australian burger joint Burger Urge has begun using condoms as a means of promoting its new offerings and protecting potential customers from sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs). The condom wrappers, featuring the phrase "Get intimate with our new premium beef," have received mixed reviews from the citizens of Brisbane.

Thus far, owner Sean Carthew has received a series of complaints from parents who were miffed that their children found condoms in their mailboxes, while other customers failed to see the connection between condoms and burgers. However, Carthew believes that unique marketing campaigns like these can go a long way toward improving a business' profile while promoting a valuable health service in the process.

"To be honest, it's hard enough the retail market the way it is at the moment just staying in business," Carthew told the news source. "I feel like us staying in business is our primary objective and if that means that one or two percent of the population might be offended, well then I can still sleep at night."

According to The Huffington Post, while Burger Urge hasn't seen any noticeable uptick in their sales since the beginning of the campaign, at the very least, there are far more people talking about the company than there were before. Additionally, the condom campaign has shed light on the important conversation of proper sexual health and the stigma that it still carries in many parts of society. Whatever the case, Burger Urge has taken a major step forward to make condoms a more normal part of everyday discourse.