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Arizona State University removes condom vending machines from dormitory

The condom dispensers located at Arizona State University's Taylor Place dormitory were a helpful resource for students who wanted to practice safer sex on a whim. Now, those vending machines are gone.

According to Phoenix news source Downtown Devil, funding to keep the dispensers open was cut. However, university officials said that student organizations could use their money in order to keep the vending machines operating.

Jennifer Reed, a student and the director of advertising and public relations for the Residence Hall Association, told the news source that her organization is going to do just that. She ordered 5,000 condoms that will be available to students this spring.

"I also noticed the lack of availability (of condoms) to students," Reed said, quoted by the news source. "If we want to promote safe sex, we should actually start promoting it."

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that when used properly, condoms can be very effective at preventing the spread of sexually transmitted disease, rates of which tend to be high on college campuses.