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STD Testing Alaska

Local State Testing Blurb:
Alaska STD Testing guarantees discreet, high-quality and accurate testing and treatment or referral services. There are also programs run by the state that seek to reduce the impact of HIV and STDs in the community and to increase access to testing and care. With the ability to schedule same-day appointments, patients can get tested at whatever time is most convenient.
Same-day testing
Nine available STD tests
Results received in three days
Screening can cost anywhere between $30 and $90 per test depending on the clinic
Referral services available
Birth control pills by mail

About State Testing:STD testing in Alaska seeks to prevent STDs and HIV infections throughout the state and addresses the impact of them on individual and community health. The full staff at STD Express, which includes physicians, strategizes to direct statewide disease control, policies and activities. Specialists also promote risk reduction education, reduce the likelihood of transmission and encourage screening and treatment. All tests are FDA-approved and the same as those used in hospitals. Staff physicians can diagnose STDs but can not write prescriptions, but on-staff specialists can make referrals to primary care doctors who can prescribe medication if needed.

Outreach efforts by the state-run HIV/AID Prevention Program are also currenting being developed to reach out to young adults and will make STD information and resources accessible on the internet, in an effort to decrease the high rates of chlamydia. This includes a website in which individuals can order self-collected STD specimen kits.

State STD Morbidity Data:The Alaska department of Health and Social Services reported that there were 6,026 chlamydia infections, 1,273 gonorrhea infections and 0.1 case of syphilis infections per 100,000 individuals in 2010. Also, 730 HIV cases were reported to have transitioned to AIDS from the beginning of the epidemic in the early 1980s through December 2008. The CDC provided the state with $1,941,461 for HIV prevention programs and support.

Alaska has one of the highest rates of chlamydia in the U.S., and the infection is six times more prevalent among Alaskan natives than Caucasians.

Alaska's STD & HIV Infection RankingHIV: 22nd highest among 50 states
Chlamydia: 2nd highest among 50 states
Gonorrhea: 25th highest among 50 states
Syphilis: 2nd highest among 50 states

Since STDs may not present symptoms, they can often go undiagnosed if individuals are not regularly screened. If left untreated, serious conditions, such as infertility, may result. STD testing in Alaska can test for any of the nine infections without a invasive examinations.

State STD Testing Centers:These facilities provide diagnostics for a wide variety of medical conditions that are timely and 100 percent confidential to ensure patient anonymity and satisfaction. They also have flexible hours to accommodate work and school schedules.